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Chef Knife Backpacks: All new picked in 2024

It’s no secret that Chef Knife Backpacks are a necessity in the culinary world. The Chef Knife Backpack is an ingenious invention, that allows chefs to carry their knives on their backs without having to worry about any safety issues. In this blog post, we talk about why Chef Knife Backpacks are so important and how they keep you safe while cooking!

Top Chef Knife backpacks

EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Bag (19 Slots) Holds 15 Knives

Everpride knife backpack is made with 600D polyester fabric with extra PVC backing. To prevent the bag from sliding and ripping, this is designed with protective straps

This 4 compartment chef bag has 2 large compartments to carry books and recipes, a mesh zipper pouch to store kitchen accessories, and another small slot for testing spoons and small culinary tools.

Everpride professional knife backpack is perfect for storing and carrying an entire set of chef instruments. It can hold up to 15 kitchen knives (Up to 18-inch knives). You can carry tablets, recipe books, spoons, and other culinary tools along with knives.

This lightweight backpack is perfect for chefs of all levels and culinary students. You can move with complete sets of culinary instruments to work, culinary school, camping, barbequing, and so on.

This backpack will act as the ultimate safeguard of your expensive culinary accessories and provide safety and long-lasting use opportunities. It offers tough-to-cut and puncture resistance to expensive cooking knives and allows you to carry knives hiding what you are holding in the bag.


Manufacturer Everpride
Compartments4 zipper compartments
Materials600D polyester fabric with extra PVC backing
Suitable for whomChefs and culinary students
Package Dimensions19.7*13.2*2 inches
Weight2.49 pounds

What we like most

  • Enough space to carry all kitchen instruments along with knives
  • Durable as it is made with 600D polyester
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry with a padded shoulder strap
  • Comfortable moving to work, culinary school, or camping with this comfy knife backpack.

NOBLE chef knife bag

Noble Home & Chef brand has chosen ballistic nylon fabric and genuine leather for the Noble Chef knife backpack to provide maximum durability and long-lasting regular use. Inner compartments are padded to ensure no tear or damage to any knives.

It contains 21 knife slots (Up to 18-inchi knife), 4 slots for testing spoons, one knife sharpening steel, and one zippered pouch for small tools.

Whether you are a professional chef or a culinary student, this lightweight chef bag is perfect for both. Inner space allows you to carry kitchen accessories safely without knowing what you are taking inside the bag.

One of the features that I like most is, it is designed with a 3-digit customizable padlock which ensures the safety of expensive knives. Turn the interlocking zipper close and lock it up with a padded lock.

It has a handle and adjustable shoulder strap to carry this chef knife bag for a comfortable move.


Suitable for Chef and culinary student
MaterialsBallistic nylon fabric and genuine leather
Product dimensions 19.88*11.42*2.95 inches
Weight 3 pounds
Manufacturer Noble Home & Chef

What we like most:
Enough space to carry 21 knives, a knife sharpener, and a test spoon
Durable as it is made with ballistic nylon and genuine leather
Customizable padlock included
Carriable with both handle and adjustable shoulder strap

Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Retro Backpack

Chef Sac knife backpack is made with high-quality water-resistant Denier Nylon which ensures maximum durability and long-lasting service combined with double-stitching construction.

In this backpack, you can carry 20+ knives (Up to 16 inches in height) and other cooking equipment. There is a dedicated slot for a knife shinning rod and a back pocket for carrying tablets, notebooks, and cooking recipes. The large compartment of this bag is fit for cooking tools like spoons, spices, ladles, and more.

The chef bag is super supportive for either you are a professional chef or a culinary student. Along with knives, you can carry notes, books, and paper.

This is comfortable to carry for its lightweight. It is ergonomically designed with a handle and adjustable shoulder strap to move comfortably. It is visually aesthetic and high-fashion in the kitchen.


Manufacturer Chef Sac
MaterialsWater-resistant denier nylon
Suitable forChef and culinary students
Weight3 pounds
Dimension 17.9*12.9*3.9 inches

What we like most

Extra space for 20+ knives and other tools. Perfect for culinary jobs
Long-lasting as it is made with denier nylon
A comfortable carry with a padded shoulder strap and a hand holder
Mesh pocket for additional storage
Heavy-duty zippers for long-lasting use

Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Folding Knife Bag

This premium-quality chef bag is made with high-quality 600D industrial-grade polyester fabric. It is designed to be protected against tears with reinforced double stitching.

Apart from the main compartment, it has a hidden back pocket for storing a tablet, notebook, and recipe books.

In this backpack, there is a total of 20+ pockets to carry knives and other culinary instruments. You can carry up to 18-inch long knives or any pieces of equipment. It has a dedicated slot for honing the rod and cleaver and a zippered pouch for packing extra tools. Along with knives, you can carry kitchenware, a notebook, a business card, and a recipe note.

This chef knife backpack is perfect for both professional chefs and culinary students. You can carry cooking equipment with knives or if you are a student, you can carry study notes along with knives.

This water-resistant chef bag is designed with a hand handle and ergonomically designed shoulder straps for ultimate comfort and travel mobility.

This chef bag is the ulmate beauty of your kitchen. You can store knives and cooking equipment in an organized way. Reinforced extra thick, double stitching and heavy-duty zippers make this backpack fit to last through years for regular uses.

SlotsTotal 20 pockets for knives and cooking equipment
Suitable for Professional Chef and culinary student
Materials600D polyester fabric
Product dimensions 17*11*1.2 inches
Weight 3.21 pounds
Manufacturer Chef SAc
Compartments Knives storage pockets with sleeves, dedicated stot for a cleaver and honing rod, mesh pocket for additional storage

What we like most

20+ slots for knives
Enough storage to carry the small book, note recipe book along with knives
Comfortable traveling
Suitable shoulder strap to carry.
Looks classy and ideal for the kitchen


This knife backpack is one of the smartest among all we have listed here. To ensure maximum durability, this is made from genuine leather and water-resistant ballistic nylon. Reinforced double-stitching construction and heavy-duty zippers fit this bag to use through years of daily use.

This chef backpack offers 21 padded slots with sleeves for knives (From lightweight to 18-inch knives) and cooking tools, a dedicated slot for knife honing rods, and a mesh pocket to store kitchen tools.

The Boobikchef knife backpack is perfect for the professional chef, culinary student, or amateur home cook. You can store cooking tools in an organized way in this bag—no need to be panicked in searching for knives or testing spoons during cooking.

Most useful, It is designed with a USB charger port and a zippered pocket for tablets and notepads. To keep valuable knives secure, it has a digit-based padlock. Turn the zipper closed and lock it up.

This bag is made to be protected from tears against knives. This 3-pound lightweight knife bag can carry up to 30 pounds of culinary tools. You will get a chef hat with this backpack as a gift. It will be daily compulsory in your professional life.


Weight3 pounds
Ability to carry30 pounds
Materials Genuine leather and water-resistant ballistic nylon
Suitable for Professional chef and culinary student
Dimension19.9*11.4*3 inches
Manufacturer Boobikchef

What we like most

USB charger port for tablet and notepad
Padlock to keep knives securely
Heavy-duty zipper for long-lasting support
Amazing looks
21 padded slots for cooking equipment

Asaya Chef Knife Backpack

This backpack is made with waxed nylon fabric to be durable for long-lasting regular use. It is 2 in 1; you will get a roll knife bag with the main bag. You can carry the roll bag inside the main bag or just carry the roll bag with the handle or shoulder strap.

The roll bag can carry up to 20 slots for knives (Up to 18 inches) and other equipment (12 full-sized knife slots, 4 utensil slots, one slot of knife sharpener, and 3 zippered pockets). It is designed with the same materials as the main bag.

With a total of 30 slots in this backpack, you can move with the complete set of cooking equipment like a knife, testing spoon, cutting board, and cooking utensils. It has vast space to carry laptops and chef clothes too.

This large-size bag is perfect for professional chefs and also for culinary students. It is ideal for moving with the whole set of cooking tools.

This lightweight chef bag is constructed with stain-resistant nylon to last through many years. There are also several zippered pockets in the exterior and a water bottle holder. To move comfortably, this is designed with a hand handle and ergonomically designed shoulder straps.

ASAYA offers you a 12-month warranty if you get any manufacturing product defect in this entire 12 months.

SlotTotal 30 slots (20 slots in the roll bag)
Weight4.59 pounds
Warranty 12 months
Materials Waxed nylon
Suitable for Professional chef and culinary student
Dimension20*12*8  inches

What we like most

Enough slots for all of the cooking slots
Perfect for travel with a whole set
Water bottle carries
12-month warranty

Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Vintage Backpack

Chef Sac knife vintage backpack is made from high-quality water-resistant Denier Nylon and constructed with reinforced double-stitching to provide maximum durability. Heavy-duty zippers allow long-lasting regular use without facing any trouble.

This bag is perfect for carrying an entire arsenal of cooking tools. It can carry 20+ knives (Up to 16-inch knives) and other culinary equipment. There is a dedicated slot for honing rods and cleavers. For additional chef tools, you will get mesh pouches.

This bag is perfect for the head chef, sous chef, or culinary students. You can carry notes, tablets, or cooking recipes along with knives.

This bag is constructed with an ergonomically designed shoulder strap to carry comfortably. Your knife is stored in the sleeve compartment on the inner side to keep it safe and organized.

This vintage simple-looking knife backpack is refreshing, visually aesthetic, and fashionable in the kitchen. It will be your money-making tool.


ManufacturerChef Sac
Slots20+ knives and mesh pockets for other culinary equipment
WeightLess than 3 pounds
Materials Water-resistant Denier Nylon
Suitable for Professional chef and culinary student
Dimension17.83*12.48*3.43 inches

What we like most

Durable, sturdy with high-quality water-resistant denier nylon
Hidden pocket for tablet, notebook
Stored knives organized in 20+ pockets
Comfortable carry and Perfect for moving

Chef Sac Chef Knife Bag Backpack Set with Knife Roll

This heavy-duty knife backpack is made from premium quality 600D industrial-grade fabric and reinforced with double stitching construction for maximum durability and long-lasting regular use.

In this package, you will get a large backpack and a rolling knife case. You can carry only the knife roll bag or you can carry the rolling bag into the main backpack. Both are constructed with the same heavy-duty materials.

In these 2 bags, there are 40+ pockets for knives and culinary equipment. In the knife case, you can carry 30+ knives and chef tools (Up to 16 inches long). Both the backpack and roll bag have dedicated slots for honing rods and cleaver.

If you have to travel for the cooking profession, this bag is highly suitable for you. You can move with all cooking tools like notes, tablets, and laptops. Cooking recipes along with valuable knives. This bag is also perfect for amateur chefs and culinary students.

This durable and heavy-duty bag is visually impressive and fashionable in the kitchen. It is ideal for traveling. The padded shoulder strap and hand handle make it comfortable to carry.


ManufacturerChef Sac
Slots30+ slots in knife case roll bag (Total 40+ in both bags)
Weight4.99 pounds
Materials 600D premium quality industrial grade fabric
Suitable for Professional chef and culinary student
Dimension20.71*15*4.61 inches

What we like most

Safe Enough to carry a whole cooking set
Perfect for traveling
Can carry a laptop, tablet, cooking recipes along with the knife
Comfortable carry


Whether you’re hiking, on a family vacation, or just out for the day with your kids, Chef Knife Backpacks are perfect for keeping knives close at hand while also being stylish and practical.

What’s more, is that they come in many different designs so there’s one for every personality! Leave us a comment below if you want to find out how easy it is to order yours today.

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